Permanent Lok Adalats in India: An Adversarial to Alternative Approach


  • Mr. Rahul Kadian Research Scholar, Department of Public Administration , Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Kundu Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak


traditional adversarial system, least possible, valuable perspectives, foundations


The research paper, titled "Evolution of Permanent Lok Adalats in India: An Adversarial to Alternative Approach," delves into the transformative journey of dispute resolution within the Indian legal framework. As India grapples with challenges inherent in the traditional adversarial system, this paper focuses on Permanent Lok Adalats as a pivotal alternative mechanism. It explores the historical origins and legislative foundations, scrutinizes the legal framework and jurisdiction, as well as analyzes the functioning and procedures of Permanent Lok Adalats in India. Through an examination of their impact and effectiveness, challenges faced, and a comparative analysis with other dispute resolution mechanisms, the paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of Permanent Lok Adalats in India. By offering insights into their role in reshaping the Indian dispute resolution landscape, it contributes valuable perspectives on the broader paradigm shift from adversarial to alternative methods in delivering justice at the least possible cost to disadvantaged sections of society.


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