Peer Review Policy

The INNOVATIVE RESEARCH THOUGHTS (IRT) is committed to upholding strong academic and ethical publishing standards. To that purpose, we use a double-blind peer review method that ensures the anonymity of both authors and reviewers throughout the review. Our peer review policy is intended to ensure the integrity, quality, and transparency of the research that we publish.

1. Double-Blind Review: In our double-blind review method, the identity of the reviewers and authors are kept hidden from one other. The goal is to minimise bias and ensure that articles are reviewed objectively based on academic merit and content quality.

2. Reviewer Selection: Reviewers are chosen for their competence in the manuscript's subject area. We attempt to find reviewers who can provide helpful and unbiased input to authors, allowing them to better their work.

3. Review Process: Once a manuscript is received, the editorial team does an initial screening to ensure that it meets the journal's scope, formatting, and quality criteria. Manuscripts that meet these requirements are sent to at least two independent reviewers for consideration.

4. Criteria for Evaluation: Manuscripts are evaluated by reviewers based on their originality, methodological rigour, clarity of presentation, relevance to the field, and contribution to knowledge and practice in metaverse technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology.

5. Feedback to Authors: The authors receive anonymous input from the reviewers. This comment offers suggestions for improvement, additional research, or changes required for acceptance. The editorial team facilitates all communication between writers and reviewers.

6. Decision Making: The editing team makes the final judgement on submissions based on the reviewers' remarks, taking into account their significance, originality, and clarity. Acceptance, modest adjustments, substantial revisions, or rejection are all conceivable decisions.

7. Confidentiality: All manuscripts being reviewed are protected as confidential documents. Reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the peer review process and refrain from utilising information discovered during the review process to their own or others' advantage.

8. No Review Charges: There is no fee for the peer review procedure. The IRT does not charge any fees to authors or reviewers for submission evaluation.

9. Ethical Standards: Reviewers and writers are expected to follow the highest ethical standards, including disclosing potential conflicts of interest.

10. Appeals and Complaints: Authors may appeal editorial decisions or raise complaints about the review process. The editorial board handles such cases with honesty and impartiality.